Mojo Coffee


12 sachet box

Adaptogenic coffee with Cordyceps mushroom & Siberian Ginseng.

This mushroom coffee blend is designed for physical endurance, strength and vitality. Great for stamina, performance and has immune-boosting properties for when you need to power up!

Free from preservatives & artificial sweeteners. Just pure natural ingredients.

    Premium Natural Ingredients
    Made in London
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    Discover Endurance & Vitality

    Find inner strength and endurance with Mojo. Great when you need powering up before exercise, hiking in nature or when you feel fatigued. Learn more about Mojo’s powerful ingredients below.


    barista-style coffee, organic dual-extracted cordyceps mushroom extract, siberian ginseng, natural flavouring.


    add 1 sachet to a mug of hot water and stir well to dissolve. Drink black or add in your favourite milk and enjoy!

    cordyceps mushroom coffee
    Brain Health
    Strength & Vitality
    Immune Boosting

    Power up with Cordyceps

    Cordyceps are known to support energy and stamina; they can increase oxygen flow to muscles, aerobic capacity & resistance to fatigue. They’ve also been found to have strong antioxidant and immune-boosting properties.

    Treasured in ancient China & once reserved exclusively for the Chinese royal family, the Chinese Olympic team broke 3 records at the 1993 Beijing Olympics whilst taking Cordyceps!

    We use a pure 10:1 fruiting body dual-extract of Cordyceps with 0.379% cordycepin & 25.4% beta-glucans.

    Siberian Ginseng

    This mighty adaptogen has been used for thousands of years in the East. Recognised for its ability to help you adapt to physical & mental stressors by increasing blood flow & oxygenation of cells – it pairs perfectly with Cordyceps for a natural boost to your day.

    The active compounds noted above are for our latest batch of medicinal mushrooms, each batch is unique and has a slightly different amount of active compounds.

    Find your flow with Cordyceps & Ginseng.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Mojo coffee

    I really find this a treat, it helps to gently ease you into the day and feel calm yet energised.

    Mojo coffee

    Tastes amazing, lovely smell of chocolate notes. My favourite coffee so far!!


    It’s a beautiful blend of smooth coffee with great benefits, and it works. I love it and will be buying more.

    Love London Nootropics

    Love the taste of these products, just like coffee but without the nasties and with all the good nutritious stuff and ingredients that your body needs to function well.


    Delicious coffee. I definitely notice a difference at work when I have one as I have a very physical job. It's now part of my morning routine and I really enjoy it. The flavour is very smooth and enjoyable so it's nice just as a coffee but has the added benefits too so even better 🙂

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