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We launched London Nootropics back in March 2020 after developing our adaptogenic coffee blends over the course of 2 years.

It was so important to us for our blends to be delicious whilst also having an impact on our day. Our vision is to make the highest-quality adaptogen extracts accessible and easy to incorporate into our daily diet. We hope to help more people discover the benefits of adaptogens, stay balanced and find their flow.

We’ve been blown away by the incredible feedback since we launched with our blends helping people through ADHD, Menopause, caffeine sensitivity, long work shifts, getting new PBs and achieving their life goals.

We hope our adaptogenic coffee helps you find your most productive self.

Stay shroomy🍄
Shez & Zain

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as seen on dragons den

In February 2022, Shez & Zain appeared on BBC One’s Dragons’ Den and were successful in achieving offers from two Dragons, Deborah Meaden and Sara Davies. What an incredible experience!

london nootropics dragons den

Shez and Zain visiting the Kaapa mushroom farm in Finland and learning about their extraction processes which yield high quality mushroom extracts rich in active compounds. Here they are with some Reishi antlers aka alien fingers. Reishi is great to help with deep sleep at night

Find your flow with our adaptogenic coffee blends.

Made with the highest-quality adaptogens from around the world, our blends are designed to help you flow through your day and find your flow state.

Flow adaptogenic coffee

FLOW coffee

find mental clarity & concentration

Zen adaptogenic coffee

zen coffee

feel alert, calm & focused

Mojo adaptogenic coffee

mojo coffee

discover endurance & vitality

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