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Adaptogenic Coffee Starter Bundle

Starter 3-Box Bundle (36 sachets) - £45 £40

Made with the highest-quality adaptogens from around the world, our blends are designed to help you flow through your day – power up with Mojo, find mental clarity with Flow & feel calm & alert with Zen.

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Included in your Starter Bundle

A 12 sachet box of each of our 3 premium adaptogenic coffee blends.

flow coffee

Flow Coffee

Mental clarity & concentration

Great for short & long-term memory, brain fog & reducing procrastination.

new zen adaptogenic coffee

Zen Coffee

Feel alert, calm & balanced

Designed to promote a sense of peace, combatting the effects of stress, tension and irritability. 

mojo coffee

Mojo Coffee

Discover endurance & vitality

Great for stamina, performance and has immune-boosting properties for when you need to power up!

Coffee with Adaptogenic Super Powers

Our coffee is blended with medicinal mushrooms and other adaptogen extracts to help your body and mind adapt to physical, mental and emotional stressors.

iced adaptogenic coffee

Mental Clarity & Focus

Infused with highest-quality adaptogens for a cognitive boost to help clear brain fog and distractions, and help you find your most productive self.

Mood & Balance

Our blends work synergistically to balance your body's stress response, promoting a sense of well-being and enhancing your mood.

Cleaner Energy

Unlike traditional coffee, our blend is enriched with natural adaptogens that provide a steady, jitter-free energy boost. This means no more mid-morning crashes or uneasy palpitations.

Made with the highest-quality adaptogen extracts

Lion's Mane +25% Beta-Glucans

KSM-66 Ashwagandha®

Rhodiolife® Rhodiola


Cordyceps +0.5% Cordycepin

What 7000+ Customers Are Saying

"Nice taste, felt calm and focused after."

The product was delivered the next working day in a beautiful packaging with a nice message from the founders. Really classy! - Scott R.

"Highlight of my day"

With extra superfoods raw cacao and cinnamon, hot or cold my London Nootropic coffee is my time of the day! Just adore it. - Carey D.

"Love it"

love this coffee, everything about it is fab, from the taste, to the packaging, to the customer service. Have recommended to friends as I'm sure it makes me a nicer person 🙂 - Jill B.

"Always great."

Handy sachets, great taste and no jitters. So glad your coffees exist! Thank you! - Emily P.

"This is my second order"

I have to confess, I'm hooked.Beautiful blend with none of the horrid coffee jitters. - Emma C.

"Absolutely love this coffee"

I do absolutely love London Nootropics coffee, all three blends are absolutely bang on and do exactly what they say on the tin, well packet. - Mark C.

"A body and energy 'reset button' effect!"

Mojo coffee is amazing!! It tastes great (especially with barista style oat milk) and gives more than just an energy boost, it feel like you're pressing a reset button for your insides! Love it! - Rebecca F.


I love this coffee! Great taste. Really peps me up when I need more energy and stamina. No palpitations at all like caffeine just lots more energy! Great service from the company. - Valerie L.


Nootropics are brain-boosters: They are known to enhance brain health and cognitive performance. They work in many ways to produce a wide range of benefits across memory, focus, motivation & verbal fluency. We only use natural Nootropics in our blends.

Adaptogens are plants, herbs and fungi that help our body and mind adapt to a wide range of stressors (physical, mental, emotional & environmental), helping us to restore balance and function at our best.

Our blends taste similar to regular coffee and functional mushroom extracts don’t taste like the mushrooms we find in the vegetable section! Our mushroom blends Flow and Mojo taste a little more earthy and Zen tastes a little chocolatey. Taste and impact are important to us, we’d recommend a large mug with 300ml hot water, some of our customers prefer a stronger taste and use less water or you can add more milk/water if this suits your taste better. You can enjoy our blends black or add a splash of your fav milk – enjoy them how you prefer your regular coffee ☕️🙌

We use an effective amount of the highest-quality adaptogens rich in active compounds in every sachet, they can make our blends a little earthy if adaptogens are new to your palate. It’s important to listen to the internal cues in your body and mind to see how the adaptogens impact your day 🍄💚

Simply empty the contents of a sachet into a mug, add boiling water (and a splash of your fav milk if you like – enjoy them how you prefer your regular coffee!) stir well and enjoy.

Taste and impact are important to us, we’d recommend a large mug with 300ml hot water, some of our customers prefer a stronger taste and use less water or you can add more milk/water if this suits your taste better ☕️🙌

Elevate your day with 1-2 servings per day. Adaptogens have both immediate and also longer-term benefits when taken regularly. Learn more about the benefits in our knowledgebase.

We get the benefits from the active compounds in adaptogens. Flow contains +466mg of organic 8:1 dual-extracted Lion’s Mane from fruiting bodies with 25.0% beta-glucans* and +83mg of a branded Rhodiola extract called RhodioLife® (grown from the Siberian-Altai) – standardized to 3% Rosavins & 1% Salidroside. Zen contains +153mg of L-theanine and +110mg of KSM-66 Ashwagandha (vegan extract) with 5.5% Withanolides. Mojo contains +305mg of organic 8:1 dual-extracted Cordyceps from fruiting bodies with 0.535% cordycepin & 27.4% beta-glucans* and +108mg of Siberian Ginseng (eleutherosides) extract 🍄

All amounts are per serving.

*The active compounds listed above are for our latest batch of adaptogens, each batch is unique and has a slightly different amount. Active compounds are important to ensure we’re getting the many health benefits of adaptogens – our highly bioavailable extracts are rich in active compounds and we note the %’s on each blend’s product page too.

Whilst our blends don’t contain any known allergens, we cannot guarantee they’re free from nuts, eggs, wheat & other allergens. Some of our 100% natural ingredients are processed on the same equipment as other ingredients.

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