Mushroom Heart T-shirt


The mushroom heart design by Lucia Dami highlights the powerful relationship between adaptogens, the body and the mind.

It comes in French Navy and India Ink Grey in Stanley Stella’s iconic unisex t-shirt.

100% organic ring-spun combed cotton.


Lucia Dami

Lucia Dami is a London-based Swiss artist who is passionate about empowerment and self-discovery. She channels the mystic and the unseen realms through her art and creativity; and collaborating with London Nootropics was a beautiful opportunity to join forces to highlight the powerful relationship between adaptogens, the body, and the mind.

lucia dami
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Mushroom Heart T-shirt


Mushroom Heart T-shirt

the order has yet to actually arrive

i've ordered two weeks ago and i still have no product but i must say they do look really good as far as i can judge from the online shop

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