Calligraphy Shroom T-shirt


The calligraphy shroom design by Ellie Heywood presents an abstract mushroom calligram – a design that forms an image using meditative calligraphic strokes.

It comes in white with a copper metallic print in Stanley Stella’s iconic unisex t-shirt.

100% organic ring-spun combed cotton.


Ellie Heywood

Ellie Heywood is a Leeds-based calligrapher and lettering artist, specialising in blackletter calligraphy. Her practice looks at distortion and abstraction of letters, experimenting with traditional calligraphy and painting. The process is not dissimilar to a meditative practice, pursuing thoughtful strokes while maintaining rhythmic character. Working on the designs with London Nootropics allowed a little more flexibility and creativity within the calligraphy, moving away from the rigidity of traditional blackletter.

ellie heywood
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