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Find Your Mojo With These Libido-Enhancing Adaptogens

Libido is a topic that may feel embarrassing to discuss. But for 1 in 5 men and even more women (in 3), loss of sex drive can hugely impact their daily lives. Since we’re living in an era where people are taking more accountability for their health, many are turning to adaptogens to give them an all-natural libido boost.

Why choose adaptogens? What are they? And which of these ancient herbs and mushrooms are renowned for their libido-enhancing properties? Glad you asked.

In this blog, we look at how adaptogens such as cordyceps and ashwagandha can increase libido by helping the body and mind adapt to stress. Let’s go!

How does stress impact sex drive?

First things first, let’s normalise loss in libido. It’s pretty common for people to struggle with their sex drive at some point in their lives. After all, life is hard, and its challenges can certainly hurl a spanner in the works when it comes to sexual desire.

This is because libido is influenced by a whole host of physical, psychological and emotional factors that fluctuate throughout a person’s life. Whether it’s relationship issues, a woman’s menopause or pressure at work, many people experience bouts of low sexual appetite that can impact their relationships, self-esteem and view of sex.

And sometimes, a change in libido is inevitable. This is because it can also occur during major life changes, such as old age, pregnancy, illness or becoming a parent.

So, what’s the common denominator in all these life changes or events? Stress. Both physical and mental.

When the body experiences a physical or mental stressor, it triggers the release of cortisol – and this stress hormone can directly impact our libido. This is because cortisol interferes with testosterone production and leads to chronic fatigue.

Cortisol also gives rise to psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety, making our sexual desire lower than we’d like it to be. But when this stress is chronic, and we fail to manage it properly, it can create a cycle where our sexual appetite and function are persistently at a lower state.

So, what can we do to get our bodies and minds out of “survival mode” so we can focus on expressing our sexual energy?

Enhance libido with adaptogens

A big question many people ask is how they can enhance their libido naturally. Whether it’s doing more exercise or communicating with your partner, plenty of lifestyle changes can help get your mojo back and boost your libido.

What if we told you there was an easy (and delicious!) way to enhance libido? Enter: Adaptogens. Specifically, adaptogenic coffee.

Adaptogens are plants, herbs and mushrooms that can help the body and mind adapt to stress. These powerful medicines have been used for thousands of years, and they’re known to calm you down and boost energy levels without overstimulating.

Unlike caffeine (on it’s own), sugar and alcohol, adaptogens don’t result in a crash and can give us sustained energy. Adaptogenic coffee allows us to enjoy the benefits of caffeine in our day whilst staying balanced and not having a cortisol spike. Instead, they work a bit like a thermostat. When the thermostat senses that the house is too hot or cold, it will either bring the temperature up or down to match – to help our bodies manage stress and maintain balance, or homeostasis.

So, when the body and mind are overloaded with stress, adaptogens are thought to evoke a sense of calm and harmony by promoting balance. As well as combating stress and anxiety, they can also lower blood pressure and boost the immune system.

This, in turn, can help improve libido. With adaptogens in the mix, your hormone levels can return to a state of balance, enhancing mood and a general sense of wellbeing. It’s this that can lead to improved sexual function and a boost in libido!

So, what adaptogens, in particular, can take this to the next level?


If you have anxiety or fatigue, then ashwagandha is a perfect adaptogen to incorporate into your daily diet. It’s a medicinal herb that’s been used for over 2,000 years and is thought to address sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

In fact, one placebo-controlled study found that ashwagandha improved female sexual dysfunction (FSD). A total of 50 women aged 21-50 with a diagnosis of FSD saw “significant improvement” in successful sexual encounters (defined by arousal, lubrication & more) after just eight weeks!

Another pilot study involving 46 male patients with low sperm counts found that ashwagandha consumption significantly impacted male fertility. Men experienced a 167% increase in sperm count and a 53% boost in semen volume, with researchers concluding all improvements were statistically significant.

We use a branded Ashwagandha extract called KSM-66 in our Zen blend, which is the highest concentration full-spectrum root extract available today. Proven to have a high bioavailability, it’s been shown to alleviate anxiety, enhance memory & cognition and help the body adapt to physical & mental stressors. Our Ashwagandha contains 5.5% Withanolides.


Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom prized for its energising properties. It’s known to increase oxygen flow around the body, increase aerobic capacity and boost ATP, meaning it’s great for physical endurance, cellular performance and stamina.

In the East, men and women have been using cordyceps for thousands of years to support sexual appetite. This powerful adaptogen is likened to a “deep energy awakener” and is cited for its potential to enhance libido and encourage fertility.

In fact, a 1985 study by Yang et al. looked at 155 patients with low libido. Those taking Cordyceps showed a 64% improvement in sexual desire. Another study also found similar results, citing cordyceps’ ability to improve the blood flow to sex organs.

While the studies are limited, the results are promising, and Cordyceps still remains the ultimate shroom to get the inner fire burning and juices flowing. In our Mojo blend contains a 8:1 fruiting body dual-extract of cordyceps with 0.535% cordycepin and 27.4% beta-glucans.

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng is another adaptogen known for its ability to improve fatigue and vitality.

While studies have showcased its ability to lower blood sugar levels, others have cited its traditional use to increase sexual desire – specifically for its influence on the female sex hormones. What’s more, another study on 60 men also highlighted an improvement in erectile function. Sometimes, finding the highest-quality of these powerful adaptogen extracts rich in active compounds can be tricky – and then remembering to take them if we have them in supplement form. This is where London Nootropics comes in…

It's time to romanticise your morning coffee, quite literally.

At London Nootropics, we’re on a mission to make it easy for people to incorporate premium adaptogens into their daily diet deliciously – and we do this with our accessible, adaptogenic coffee blends.

The reason we’ve chosen coffee is quite simple. For starters, adaptogens and caffeine synergise well. This means that the negative side effects of caffeine – such as anxiety, jitters and a crash – are kept to an absolute minimum, to help us get the benefits of caffeine whilst staying balanced and also experiencing the impact of adaptogens in our day.

Find your flow (and new-found libido!) with our adaptogenic coffee blends. Try Mojo with cordyceps and Siberian ginseng for physical endurance and vitality; Zen adaptogenic coffee with ashwagandha and l-theanine to promote a sense of calm; and Flow with lion’s mane and rhodiola to discover motivation and mental clarity.

“Nootropic coffee blends allowed my mind, body and soul to recalibrate and reconnect, meaning I could focus more intently and fully relax away from stress.” – Robert D.

“More energized husband! I see the difference in my husband when taking Mojo. He’s more up for sport, or walking the dog or makes more of an effort to connect to me and the kids. Thanks!” – Penny G.

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Our vision is to make the highest-quality adaptogens easily accessible, convenient & delicious, helping more people benefit from their balancing properties and find their flow.

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